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  Dongguan helping their counterparts in Zhaotong six state-level poverty-stricken counties Dongguan helping their counterparts in Zhaotong six state-level poverty-stricken counties 594 poverty alleviation projects to benefit 800,000 people in Zhaotong Bright Eye Hospital doctors in Ludian County, Zhaotong City, patient examination.Text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Wang Wanli all media correspondent Wan declared in the past week, a number of departments are busy Dongguan big thing: poverty alleviation.Whether the Dongguan Municipal Committee, Municipal Peoples Congress Chairman Liang Weidong, or health care workers Federation President Ho Tong City, MO, as well as health systems, poverty alleviation will be placed in an important position, make every effort to help the recipient to do a solid job out of poverty storming.Dongguan assume the task of helping their counterparts in six state-level poverty-stricken counties in Zhaotong town Xiong County, Yiliang County, Zhaoyang District, Wilson County, Ludian County, Qiaojia county, Yunnan province from 2016.Up to now, financial support fund has invested in Dongguan 6 to Zhaotong.$$ 6.2 billion to launch social donations 1.8.4 billion yuan, helping to carry out collaborative projects 594, covering a population of over 800,000 people benefited.The two jointly poverty plan July 4 to 5, Liang Weidong rate of party and government delegation to visit the city of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province investigate docking poverty collaborative work by the Zhaotong Party Secretary Yang Yalin, Mayor Guo Jin warm welcome.The two sides held a joint meeting, summed up the deployment, and discuss plans for tackling poverty.Liang Weidong pointed out that tackling poverty is the common responsibility of both this year and next, Dongguan will highlight poor industry, strengthen industrial research and docking, and continuously enhance local hematopoietic function; deepen labor cooperation, expand labor export scale, to carry out good cooperation in vocational education, accelerating poverty rich; focus "no worries about two, three guarantees", with good financial support fund, and resolutely overcome the depth of poverty; precise twinning, to develop "1 + 8" model to enhance the "work together fairly well-off" effective action; adhere to poverty alleviation and help Chile combined, increase personnel exchanges and support efforts to stimulate the endogenous development of power; improve the coordination mechanism, a good butt all aspects of resources and unite together to help.Yang Yalin thanked the selfless help given in Dongguan.He said, Dongguan helping real money, cadres sincerely, twinning achieved remarkable success, made an important contribution to tackling poverty work Zhaotong.Building schools spacious and beautiful during Zhaotong, Yunnan Liang Weidong and his party inspected the Huajian Shoes Co., Ltd., primary schools and other places Zhaobi.It is one of the primary screen wall-funded reconstruction of Dongguan City in 2017, where the World Federation of Wando and five entrepreneurs donated 500 million, Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank and other eight companies donated 5 million yuan.The original old school, and now has been replaced by tall and beautiful, modern school buildings, bright and spacious classrooms, green grass of the football venues.July 3 to 6, Dongguan City Federation also led a delegation to visit Yunnan Zhaotong poverty alleviation, we have visited the Dongguan aided primary screen wall Zhaotong, Ludian Mao Jia Wan ex situ poverty alleviation relocation area, and donated 1.75 million yuan funds, and the depth of poverty-stricken village in Zhaotong City, "one on one" twinning, helping 35 poor villages to solve practical problems.Medical assistance continue to strengthen In addition, July 1, Dongguan Guangming Eye Hospital medical director Liuyong Min, executive director Weishu Ling led three other key medical personnel rushed to Ludian County of Zhaotong City, where there are more than 150 visually impaired disease diagnosis and treatment of patients waiting for them.Of these patients, both suffering from cataracts in the elderly, there are 20-year-old accident sick.Dongguan and after the establishment of the aid to Zhaotong relations, medical aid interaction between the two sides has also been strengthened.By the end of 2020, Dongguan City, the health system has sent 25 medical personnel were helping to Zhaotong.July 4, deputy secretary of Dongguan City, Marina Bay district, Hong Kong, Dongguan Party Working Committee Zhang Ke condolences medical aid Yunnan, and donated equipment worth 30 million Ludian · Dongguan Optometry Clinic Center.Data as of now, Dongguan has invested financial support fund 6 to Zhaotong.$$ 6.2 billion to launch social donations 1.8.4 billion yuan, helping to carry out collaborative projects 594, covering a population of over 800,000 people benefited.Zhaotong citys poor population dropped from 1.1 million in 2016 to 202,058 by the end of.80000, the incidence of poverty from 21.5% down to 12.49% is not out of the line by the 825 poor villages fell to 727, two state-level poverty-stricken counties Uncap poverty.


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