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  How "not 17 people out of poverty," the data obtained?Jiangsu Provincial Poverty Alleviation response "Poverty can not be solved relatively simple blood transfusion, such as direct send 6,000 yuan, but to achieve sustained poverty reduction by helping power."Beijing News News yesterday, Jiangsu Province, issued a report on the progress of work tackling poverty situation, which indicated that the poverty rate in Jiangsu Province reached 99.More than 99%, the current left 6, 17 people out of poverty is not immediately sparked heated debate in the network.Some netizens wonder why the poor standard of Jiangsu Province for the annual per capita income of 6,000 yuan, higher than many other provinces; why not give 17 people out of poverty without each issued 6000 yuan in cash, to achieve the provinces poverty?On related questions, the Beijing News reporter contacted the person in charge of the relevant offices Jiangsu Provincial Poverty Alleviation.The official said, poverty data is dynamic and out, "6 and 17 are not out of poverty" is the cutoff to the latest data December 31, the "To solve the relative poverty can not simply blood transfusion, such as direct send 6,000 yuan, but through help help achieve sustained poverty reduction in power."Beijing News reported earlier.Beijing News: Why Jiangsu poverty line of 6,000 yuan, higher than other provinces?Relevant person in charge: national poverty standard annual per capita net income of 4,000 yuan by the end of 2015, Jiangsu has been the first to complete the goal to solve the poverty problem..The current work based on solving poverty relative poverty, "Thirteen Five" period, the province delineated standards for themselves out of poverty per capita net income of 6,000 yuan, higher than the national standard.6,000 yuan standard is determined by the provincial government, aimed at the economy is relatively backward areas in northern Jiangsu.The standard in accordance with the precise requirements of poverty, according to the national standard, determined according to the median income of urban and rural residents and other content.The beginning of each "Five-Year Plan," the standard demarcated by the provincial departments Bureau of Statistics, Department of Finance and other staff are deployed detailed investigation, this process is like, like census to ensure accurate real.Beijing News: How to six 17 people out of poverty data is not determined why so accurate?Responsible person: in fact, this is a dynamic process out of poverty, the data changing every day.Currently, data archiving Li card poor households at the national, provincial cities and counties, towns Poverty Alleviation Office platform at all levels to achieve the network, ensure data accuracy.Originally, the database is open once a year to adjust, but the card has a dynamic archiving stand out every day, tackling poverty report on the work day data is as of 31 December 2020, the national and provincial databases by comparison, come left 6, 17 people out of poverty have not.Another week, maybe this data will change, there is achieved Zhaimao out of poverty, but also back into poverty situation, there will be some changes in.But volatility is not too large, the report mentioned poverty rate of 99.More than 99% can be guaranteed.As I understand it, not 17 people out of poverty, there are four people are impoverished.According to Poverty Alleviation, provincial health committee health regulations, filing legislation cardholder sick at his own expense ratio can not exceed 10%, 100% and enjoy a healthy pro-poor policies, legislation filing card users and some might hospital.Beijing News: how to identify a particular person is poor households?Responsible person: indicators of poor households, Jiangsu Province, more than thirty, "Thirteen Five" began, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection launched sunlight poverty monitoring system, after the intervention work, poverty data more accurate real.Each different household situations, how to determine?Make a more mundane example is "a critically, second look at food, there is no three to see the School Boy," a few acres of land at home, how many people, if there are school children, spouses and other working conditions, Yingbaojinbao.Beijing News: Some Internet users to ask, left 17 people out of poverty have not, why not just send 6000 yuan per person, and "the provinces poverty."?Responsible person: poverty alleviation funds we have, but to achieve a pro-poor policy a simply give money to the matter, we are not in favor of.Several people contribute, then 6,000 yuan may be able to immediately implement poverty standard, but such a "transfusion-oriented poverty reduction" is not viable, it may give money this year, next year and a return to poverty.Relative poverty to solve the pursuit of the "blood-oriented poverty reduction", 17 not out of poverty who are able-bodied, to stimulate endogenous power and change "want you out of poverty," "I want out of poverty" through the door of employment, public service jobs, etc. way, adding industry driven, to achieve sustained poverty through labor.Beijing News: dynamic changes, how to ensure the full realization of poverty?Responsible person: The first is to set provincial standards for the poverty line.However, there are differences between the case of grants province region, so that there is a dynamic data poor households out of less than 100.Economically developed areas in southern Jiangsu, urban minimum subsistence allowances up to 720 yuan / month, the total annual income of 8,640 yuan, much higher than the poverty line, but in the north, some places have not yet reached the level of subsistence allowances.Implementation of the "five-party linked" helping mechanism, Jiangsu Province, provincial authorities, universities, large state-owned enterprises, the economy is relatively developed counties in southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu county economy is relatively weak link to help.In addition, the policy guarantees out of poverty after 3 years funding policy, helping relations unchanged.2020 to consolidate and promote, with the assistance standards improve, social security gradually put in place, the annual per capita income of 6000 yuan the following situations will eliminate all.Reporters Ma Jinqian


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