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  Sun Yang, Horton, Scott was the lightest punishment Warning Sun Yang, Horton, Scott was the lightest punishment has warned against Sun Yang encountered in this years World Swimming Championships in Gwangju "storm the podium," FINA has warned twice.However, Sun Yang warned so many supporters "feel wronged" because not only refused to be warned of Britains photo Scott, as well as to respond to his behavior that Sun Yang.But FINA charter point of view, two warnings are "rule-based".For Sun Yang, in the international sports arbitration court hearing be held to prove innocence, is the struggle to get rid of troubled and most powerful "weapon".Sun Yang Scott Why were warned?They are "inappropriate behavior and remarks" After the World Championship mens 200 meters freestyle final 23 were obtained third place in Britains Sun Yang and Scott refused the award ceremony in the photo, he makes this move very SunYang dissatisfied, Scott made a fist to the action, and roar to each other in English: "I am the winner, you are a loser!"This scene caused great repercussions, FINA Executive Committee meeting that night, and according to" FINA statute "C12.1.3 provisions of the relevant provisions to warn Sun Yang and Scott.Beijing News reporter access to the "FINA constitution", which states: Any person or association if the act results in adverse effects to the FINA Swimming and appearance are based on the degree of influence will be warned, suspended, canceled results, etc. punish.FINA Executive Committee believes that Scotts refusal to respond to Sun Yang and a group photo of the scene made all belong to the "improper conduct and speech", to the swimming world championships and have an adverse effect.This is also the reason for the end they have received warning letters.Although many domestic users is Sun Yang feel wrong, that is the first, Scotts "cause" was a result of Sun Yang responded, "fruit", but the two acts were indeed violated the "FINA constitution" is an indisputable fact.The degree of punishment from the point of view, FINA same equal footing, the two men are to be the lightest punishment of warning.Some media analysts said the warning is likely to make Sun Yang missed the MVP of the tournament.What is punishable according to Houghton?Players must actively participate in the awards ceremony before Scott, Sun Yang July 21 has encountered a similar scene: the awards ceremony after the mens 400 meters from the final, won the silver medal in Australias Holden came to power and refused to accept the award on the same stage Yang Sun.The evening of July 22, the Board decided after a meeting FINA, swimming Concord to warn the Australian Holden.In a warning letter to Holden, the FINA stressed: "respect for freedom of speech FINA athletes, but also believes that anyones freedom of expression need to be expressed through the right way.As with all sports competitions, like all athletes and staff to participate in the FINA organized the game, they should have a clear responsibility and obligation to respect the FINA rules and regulations, and shall not use FINA events occasions expressed personal position and attitudes."And Horton had the protest is Sun Yang last years violent anti-check the issue, FINA has responded:" Horton protesting what is currently in the review stage of the International Court of Arbitration for Sport, so at the hearing and will be held before the results are known, FINA will not comment on this."FINA Swimming Association in a warning to Australia and Horton did not mention specific regulatory provisions to make the warning was based.The Beijing News reporter access to, "FINA Code of Conduct" rules of conduct for players during the game: 1, participants should be actively involved in the whole process of the game, including the awards ceremony, press conference.2, in the whole course of the game, contestants should be strictly avoided for officials, other participants, players and spectators to have offensive or inappropriate behavior actions.3, strictly prohibits any statement or action related to political, religious and racial discrimination.Horton and former Sun Yang refused to accept the award on the same stage, this precedent has not yet appeared on the swimming contest.A clear violation of the "Code" of the first, and Hortons behavior clearly offends against Sun Young.Where is the root of this "storm" in the?Hearing and World Championships time difference has been repeatedly mentioned in Houghton and his supporters "Sun Yang violent anti-check" regarding the hearing will be held in September this year.It had previously been questioned: why the hearing has not been held, the normal world championships Sun Yang?Accordance with the relevant procedures, FINA has been determined at the time of the beginning of Sun Yang has not violated in the incident, but the World Anti-Doping Agency questioned the identification result, in March to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport - this is the "Global anti-doping regulations "supported by the court of arbitration for Sport to make a final decision shall prevail.When the International Court of Arbitration for Sport will be set at the time of the hearing in September, ie after the main event of the World Championships to swim this year, because the Sun Yang and WADA were not made for fast program.Hearing the World Championship "time difference" could have been normal, but also to the Sun Yang overwhelmed in trouble planted "seeds".Sun Yangs lawyers issued a statement on December 20, the international sports arbitration court hearing on the matter will be held open to the public, open and transparent in order to prove their innocence.A move aimed at countering foreign media to Sun Yang of "The Trial".Before the World Championships, the Australian media published a report on doping control officers and Sun Yang is a conflict as long as 59, which is considered to be the relevant agencies "flagrant violation of the confidentiality agreement," FINA Executive Director Makulaisi libraries also feel weird: "I do not know such confidential information, how can be made public, which is very harmful."From the current situation, the specific time of the hearings has not been announced, but the outcome of the hearing is crucial to Sun Yang - in favor of innocence is proven, it may have been losing a life ban, swimming career ended.Sun Yang hope to aspects of high-profile public hearings attitude of view, they seem more emboldened.Written / Beijing News reporter Zhou Xiao edition picture / Osports


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