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  23 National Railway is expected to send visitors 11.06 million passengers, an increase 18.9% Reporters from the China National Railway Group Limited was informed that, January 23, entered the fourteenth day of the Spring Festival, the national railway is expected to send visitors 11.06 million passengers, an increase of 20.9%, is expected to open the line passenger train 10633, additional Linke 1131.Data Figure: During the spring, visitors queue up for tickets at the train station. China news agency reporters Qu Hong and Lun She Jan. 22, sent the national railway passenger 1146.60,000 passengers, an increase of 120.10,000 passengers, up 11.7%, rail transport safe and stable and orderly.Among them, Beijing Bureau Group companies 106 to send visitors.30,000 passengers, an increase of 4.90,000 passengers, an increase of 4.9%; Shanghai Bureau of the company to send 2.22 million passenger trips, an increase of 20.60,000 passengers, an increase of 9.7%; Guangzhou Bureau Group companies 206 to send visitors.50,000 passengers, an increase of 21.60,000 passengers, up 12.4%.Railway authorities remind the passengers, the current e-ticket applications have been basically covered the national high-speed rail and intercity rail lines, if passengers to buy tickets for the e-ticket, no exchange for paper tickets, ticket holders can ride ticket ID.For reimbursement vouchers, may, within 30 days from the date before driving or traveling, the original valid ID when purchasing tickets with the use of either country to the station ticket vending machine or ticket window Print.At the same time, the railway sector suggest that EMU is fully enclosed, non-smoking train the whole column, you and other passengers to safety and health, please do not smoke in any premises train.


外汇占款变化图外婆家致歉,苹果回应违反劳动法 外婆家道歉,苹果回应违反劳动法每经小编小心到,志高控股此前揭橥的20


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