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  Two pen special dues [News] close-up two strokes on the eve of a special Party membership dues "July", Anyang City, Henan Province branch Federation of Trade Unions held a membership meeting, carried out a collective "political Birthday" as the old party members, gave lectures and other activities.On the day, branch received a $$ 10,000 "large membership dues".This is the former vice chairman of Anyang City Federation of Trade Unions, the 89-year-old party Cuibao Min, special membership dues to the partys hand."I was born in the old society, the party rescued me from distress, and I love my culture.Now, our treatment of retired cadres and party members getting better and better, which have benefited from the partys care."Cuibao Min said that as an old party member, no longer as young as strikes for the party to contribute to this $$ 10,000 that he could still play in the heat, his party deepest respect.Federation of Trade Unions in Anyang Party Committee, the party is with these deep feelings of party members not only Cuibao Min.Just received 10,000 yuan dues of the second day, Anyang City Federation of Trade Unions of retired cadres branch also received a small sum of dues of $$ 3.It turned out that 72-year-old retired cadres and party members Anyang City, the total paid the membership dues before Liu Guoshun one day came home to find accounting mistakes membership dues, pay less 3 yuan.Early next morning, in spite of his family discouraged, insisted to the unit to make up 3 yuan dues."It was so hot, you come back the next time to make up living tissue also lines."Looking at the old Liu Guoshun sweating, the staff worried about his body too much."Conscious, on time, in full and pay membership dues, party members should fulfill the obligations of."Liu Guoshun said dues day did not padded, his day did not mind at ease.Anyang City Party Committee official said, two pen special dues like a mirror, according to the heart of the old party members met with party loyalty and conviction, it is worth learning every Communist Party member.


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