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  mg电子黄金工厂-Wisconsin mass shooting- 5 dead, including shooter, at 2 Wisconsin homesWisconsin mass shooting: 5 dead, including shooter, at 2 Wisconsin homes Shootings at two homes in northwestern Wisconsin left five people dead - including the suspected shooter - and two others injured, authorities said Monday. Chippewa County deputies responded to a 911 call about a shooting at a residence in Lake Hallie at about 10:30 p.m. Sunday and found a man and woman dead, sheriffs officials said.Two other adults were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds, though no details have been given on the extent of their injuries.Deputies went to a residence in the Town of Lafayette about nine miles away at about 2:30 a.m. on Monday to notify family members of the shooting. When no one answered the door, police forced their way inside, reports ABC Eau Claire, Wisconsin affiliate WQOW. They found a man, a woman and a boy dead of gunshot wounds in apparent homicides, according to Chippewa County Sheriff James Kowalczyk.The person suspected in both shootings was among the dead at the Lake Hallie home, Kowalczyk told WQOW. Lafayette Chairman Dave Staber said the shooting in his town has rocked the normally quiet, bedroom community of 6,000."Were seldom in the news, which is just the way we like it. My heart goes out to the residents affected by this," Staber said.The names of the victims and the shooter have not been released.Kowalczyk did not tell WQOW how investigators were able to determine who the shooter was. He also would not say whether the shooters wounds were self-inflicted.


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